As the global authority on anonymous reporting, our principal areas of focus are transnational crime and criminal activity linked to illicit trade, human trafficking, environmental and wildlife crime, cybercrime and international fugitives.

Mobilizing communities

The unique tripartite model of law enforcement, media and the community is the basis of Crime Stoppers’ success in mobilizing communities to take greater responsibility for their safety and security.

This tried and tested model is respected and trusted by law enforcement agencies and communities around world.

Every 14 minutes, a crime is solved somewhere in the world thanks to Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers International, through its certified regional entities, takes an active role in ensuring that affiliated local and national Crime Stoppers programs comply to prescribed tip management procedures in order to maintain the integrity of the anonymous reporting system.

Expanding Our Global Footprint

Having established a strong presence in North America, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, the Caribbean and parts of Central America over the past 40 years, Crime Stoppers International is ramping up its expansion efforts in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Strategic focus areas are as follows:
2018 – 2019: South East Asia, Europe
2019 – 2020: Africa, South America, Middle East

Building Private Industry Partnerships

Mobilizing the world to report crime anonymously means collaboration with private companies for information sharing, aligning common goals, and financial support We appreciate our partners and applaud their efforts to combat crime through their unique products and services.

Crime Stoppers International has forged strategic partnerships with key international agencies and has become a major actor in facilitating public private cooperation in the fight against crime. Our unique model has provided us with the experience and expertise to take a leadership role in this space.

Through the coordination of roundtables, workshops and forums, we bring policymakers together with law enforcement, business, media and community to have constructive dialogue, share experiences and determine recommendations for enforcement action.

Special Projects

We have implemented several special projects, in particular in the area of illicit trade in Central America and the Caribbean.

Activities undertaken in these projects include:

  • Capacity building workshops of law enforcement agencies
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Facilitation of public private cooperation and partnerships

Crime Stoppers International and Uber Safety Partnership

Crime Stoppers International, its affiliates and Uber are partnering to protect citizens by educating Uber drivers to recognize suspicious and criminal activity and report anonymously using the Crime Stoppers network.