Our work involves:

  • helping to disrupt serious and organised crime networks
  • educating and encouraging communities to share the information they have
  • developing and executing global anti-crime campaigns; and
  • delivering capacity building and advocacy initiatives.

To combat transnational organised crime, a coordinated global response is required and our anonymous reporting platforms are a critical tool in this process.

As the global authority on anonymous reporting, our principal areas of focus are transnational crime and criminal activity linked to illicit trade, human trafficking, environmental and wildlife crime, cybercrime, financial crime and international fugitives.

In encouraging communities and individual citizens to anonymously share information about transnational and organised crime, CSI directly contributes to the development of sustainable societies and supports a number of specific UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets.

In particular, violent crime (target 16.1), trafficking in persons (targets 5.2, 8.7 and 16.2), access to justice and rule of law (target 16.3), illicit financial flows, trafficking of firearms and organised crime (target 16.4) and corruption (target 16.5) as well as violence against women (target 5.2), urban security (target 11.7), wildlife trafficking (target 15.7) and illegal fishing (targets 14.4. and 14.6).

Mobilizing Communities

The unique tripartite model of law enforcement, media and the community is the basis of Crime Stoppers’ success in mobilizing communities to take greater responsibility for their safety and security.

This tried and tested model is respected and trusted by law enforcement agencies and communities around the world.

Having established a strong presence in North America, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, the Caribbean and parts of Central America over the past 40 years, Crime Stoppers International is looking to expand its global footprint in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Strategic focus areas are:
South East Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East

Building Strategic Partnerships

Mobilizing the world to report crime anonymously requires collaboration with governments, foundations and private companies for information sharing, aligning of business anc community needs, and financial support.  We appreciate our partners and applaud their efforts to combat crime through their unique products and services.

Crime Stoppers International has forged many valuable strategic partnerships with key international agencies and has become a major actor in facilitating public private cooperation in the fight against crime. Our unique model has provided us with the experience and expertise to take a leadership role in this space.

Through the coordination of roundtables, workshops and forums, we bring policymakers together with law enforcement, business, media and community to have constructive dialogue, to share experiences and to determine recommendations for community and industry engagement and enforcement action.

CSI cannot achieve its remarkable results, without the support of others who share our values and commitment, and who want to make a genuine contribution to creating safer societies.

A great example of this is our partnership with Uber that helps protect citizens by educating Uber drivers to recognise suspicious and criminal activity and report anonymously using the Crime Stoppers network.  Learn more


Fighting transnational crime demands a constant and concerted effort by all of us.  An ongoing investment in informing ourselves translates to continuous improvement and best practice in how we do business – that is, how we go about stopping, solving and preventing crime. 

CSI is pleased to partner with internationally recognised, subject matter experts and institutions to provide resources and opportunities aimed at helping C-suite or executive-level managers across law enforcement, the corporate sector and Crime Stoppers chapters.  In some cases, there will be the opportunity to gain formal certification or accreditation. 

Topics covered will assist enhance professional development and build capacity in leadership and governance, as well as increase knowledge and understanding for transnational crime areas and how best to tackle these – in particular, cybercrimefinancial crime, illicit tradehuman trafficking, and wildlife and environmental crime. 

For example, we’re pleased to offer our network a discounted enrolment to learn from Paul C Dwyer, head of the  International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) and one of the world’s foremost experts in cyber, security, risk and privacy. 

Learn more


Crime Stoppers International works with governments, law enforcement agencies, industry associations and corporations, and its accredited regional programs to deliver projects on a range of fronts.

We provide tangible means to support, partner or collaborate to mitigate the threats posed by transnational crime and organised criminal networks.

The breadth and depth of activities we undertake is extensive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • contributing to the management, sharing, analysis and investigation of transnational crime information
  • facilitating cooperation amongst our key stakeholders
  • enhancing the capacity of law enforcement, industry, business and media
  • creating and delivering global call-to-action community campaigns and initiatives; and
  • contributing to thought leadership and advocating for necessary change

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