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Crime Stoppers International Conference 2017

Taking Action Against Multinational Crime

Event: 38th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference
Date: 15th – 18th of October 2017
Location: Hilton Hotel Panama, Panama City

This years Crime Stoppers International Conference will be held in Panama City, Panama. The theme is ‘Taking Action Against Multinational Crime’ and you can sign up now!

With different speakers and guests from all over the world, the conference will be an opportunity to network and share knowledge. Be inspired by your colleagues from other Crime Stoppers worldwide.

A few of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Understanding the impact of multinational crime on communities
  • Best practices in managing tips
  • Making social media work for your organization
  • The new marketing paradigm for Crime Stoppers
  • The role of Crime Stoppers International Headquarters

This years Crime Stoppers International Awards will also be announced during the 38th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference, so don’t forget to nominate your project!

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