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Crime Stoppers International Awards

Each year, Crime Stoppers International recognises a number of individuals, programs, activities and campaigns from around the world for excellence and for their contribution to the achievement of the Crime Stoppers International vision – to help stop, solve and prevent crime globally.

Entry is free and your participation is strongly encouraged!

Submissions for the following Awards close on 31 August at 12 midnight (UTC):

1. Service Awards

Recognise the dedication and commitment of various individuals, including seasoned ambassadors at local, national and international level, young achievers and law enforcement or civilian coordinators, as demonstrated through their sustained drive, enthusiasm and significant contribution to the Crime Stoppers vision.

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2. Media Awards

Recognise excellence and best practice in advertising and promotion of Crime Stoppers campaigns, activities and specific calls to action through the development and production of special features/reports and public service announcements across all mediums – print, television, radio, online and digital.

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3. Productivity Awards

Recognise outstanding and significant contribution to Crime Stoppers programs as measured by the percentage increase in arrests made and property recovered, including drugs seized.

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4. Specialised Training or Program Awards

Recognise the continued support of, or outstanding service to, a Crime Stoppers program through the provision of specialised training or the delivery of a specialised program.

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What are the criteria for submitting a nomination?


To qualify for any Crime Stoppers International Award, your program must be a current member of Crime Stoppers International and/or a member of your regional or national Crime Stoppers organisation.

All submissions must relate to activities undertaken during the 2016 calendar year – that is, between the 1st of January 2016 and the 31st of December 2016.

Individual nominees for a Service Award cannot have been a recipient of the same award category within the last three years.

All submissions must be received by no later than 31 August 2017.

Judging criteria

The judging panel is comprised of a team of independent experts. In addition to category-specific criteria, the panel’s decisions are also based on:

  • the quality of evidence presented to support the nomination
  • an initiative’s capacity or potential to prevent, reduce or solve crime
  • how an individual’s contribution or an initiative’s success was evaluated/measured
  • the ability for an initiative to be adapted for use by other Crime Stoppers programs
  • the sustainability of an initiative’s outcomes
  • how innovative an initiative is; and
  • to what degree an initiative contributed to community awareness about crime

Up to three category finalists may be selected for each category award and, from these three category finalists, one category winner is selected.

The decisions of the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Presentation of awards

Traditionally, winners are publicly announced at an Awards Presentation Ceremony, held in conjunction with the Crime Stoppers International Annual Conference, in front of an international audience of their peers and distinguished guests. The winner of each category receives a commemorative certificate of recognition and their achievement is published on the Crime Stoppers International website, promoted on all Crime Stoppers digital channels and distributed to mainstream media outlets.

Terms and conditions

  • Entry is free
  • All submissions must relate to activities undertaken during the 2016 calendar year – that is, between the 1st of January 2016 and the 31st of December 2016
  • Only one entry is permitted per program per Award category and sub-category
  • Any nominated program must be a member in good standing of Crime Stoppers International and/or their Region/Nation
  • Nominees for Service Awards agree to media publicity and promotion associated with the Awards, including the use of photos submitted or taken at the Awards Presentation Ceremony
  • Individual nominees for a Service Award cannot have been a recipient of the same Award category within the last three years
  • All criteria should be addressed in your submission – see Nomination Hints & Tips
  • Supporting documents and photos, if relevant, must accompany your submission
  • All information, photos and supporting materials submitted may be used and distributed by the Crime Stoppers International Awards Office for media and promotional purposes
  • Incomplete submissions or submissions entered in a false community size (population) category will be disqualified
  • By submitting an entry form, the nominated contact person(s) is confirming that the entry is original, is owned or controlled by the nominating Crime Stoppers program, and has not previously been entered for any CSI Award
  • Decisions of the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • Entries close 31 August 2017

Nomination hints and tips

  • Review the general information and category guidelines for each Award
  • Read the entry criteria for each Award category carefully
  • Using the category guidelines, determine the most suitable category for your entry or entries
  • Complete the correct entry form – ensuring all required fields and supporting documentation is provided
  • Keep your answers succinct and to the point
  • A separate entry form is required for each individual submission/nomination
  • Double-check that your entry form indicates the correct community size (population) that your program serves
  • Submissions must address the criteria listed for the relevant Award category and clearly demonstrate the achievements of the individual, program, campaign or activity
  • Check your entry’s specific criteria to ensure you have addressed all the important points
  • Include relevant URLs and hyperlinks, where appropriate, and make sure that they work before completing your submission
  • Provide a 50-word synopsis for each submission for publicity purposes
  • If your submission is for a Service Award, include a brief (100 word) bio for the nominee and provide at least one recent headshot
  • Check that the name of your program, nominated Award recipient, nominated initiative, media partner etc are all spelt correctly because this is how they will appear on the Award
  • Upload copies of relevant supporting documentation (eg statistical reports, media articles, images, video etc). All supporting documents need to be recent, clear and relevant to your application
  • Before submitting, ensure each of your files (ie entry forms and all supporting documents) is appropriately named to clearly identify your program and the relevant Award category
  • Particularly large entries should be sent as compressed/zipped files


What does “a member in good standing” mean?
A member in good standing means a regional corporation, nation, region, program or individual who is currently a paid-up member of Crime Stoppers International, or has financial terms approved by Crime Stoppers International and, where appropriate, has been certified as a member of Crime Stoppers International by its certification process.

What evidence do I need to provide of results or impact?
You might have done a basic post-implementation review of your campaign, project or initiative or you might have engaged a professional market research agency to conduct a formal evaluation. To determine your entry’s value, the judging panel is looking for objective measures that answer questions like, ‘what results have been achieved?’, ‘has the project been effective?’ and ‘how has it changed community awareness, understanding or engagement?’

Can I resubmit a nominee for a Service Award?
Yes – but please note, nominees for a Service Award cannot have been a recipient of the same Award category within the last three years.

Can I resubmit a previously nominated campaign, project or initiative?
Yes – but it is critical that you can clearly demonstrate significant change or progress since your campaign, project or initiative was last submitted for consideration. You need to explain what has changed and these changes need to have been in place for at least 12 months. You need to differentiate between the old and new submission and outline how the new elements have added to the effectiveness of the project and its contribution to stopping, solving or preventing crime.

Where do I send my completed entry form(s) and supporting documentation?
Entry forms and supporting materials are to be completed online (see categories for online form) and must be received no later than 31 August 2017.

What sort of files can I submit in support of my entry?
Any of the following file formats will be accepted: .doc .docx .jpg .msg .mp3 .mp4 .pdf .png .ppt .pptx .xls .xlsx  Especially large files should be sent as a compressed/zipped file.

How do I know that you’ve received my submission?
If you don’t receive confirmation of your entry for the Awards, please email us at

Will my submission be returned after judging?
No, we’re unable to return entries submitted.

What if I can’t find the information that I need?
You’re welcome to email us at

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