Fighting Transnational Crime Together
38th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference
15th - 18th October 2017
Hilton Hotel, Panama City, Panama

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The 38th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference will be held at the Hilton Panama, Panama City, Panama on October 15th – 18th 2017. The theme is

Taking action against transnational crime

The conference will be very informative and will be an excellent forum for networking. In this regard we wish to invite you to consider being a sponsor of the event. We have attached the sponsorship guide for your attention.


What is the conference all about?

Under the theme “Taking action against transnational crime”, the following have been identified as the desired outcomes for the 2017 CSI Conference:

  1. Representatives of Crime Stoppers programmes who are more informed on crime trends and are committed to using the acquired knowledge to better mobilize their communities to report information anonymously.
  2. The official launch of a Crime Stoppers programme in Panama.
  3. Government and law enforcement officials who are engaged and committed to working with Crime Stoppers.
  4. Business organizations that are engaged and committed to supporting Crime Stoppers.
  5. Firm interest from other regional governments and law enforcement agencies in Central and South America to establish Crime Stoppers programmes in their countries.

To achieve these outcomes, an ambitious agenda has been compiled. An overview is presented below:

Sunday 15th October 2017

Conference registration desk opens.

Monday 16th October 2017 – Day 1

A day of training for Crime Stoppers personnel and programmes.

Topics to be covered: a new marketing paradigm, social media, managing tips, working with the media.

Tuesday 17th October 2017 – Day 2

The Conference will be officially opened in the morning, followed by an understanding of illicit trade and IP Crime and linkages to organized crime.

Highlights of Day 2 will include: the signing of an MOU to establish a Crime Stoppers programme in Panama, perspectives from various brand owners, detection and enforcement strategies, making Crime Stoppers work in Latin America.

Wednesday 18th October 2017 – Day 3

On the final day, political and legal considerations of fighting illicit trade will be examined as well as other transnational crimes such as human trafficking and cybercrime.

Attending the Conference will be:

  • Representatives of Crime Stoppers programmes from 24 countries
  • Representatives from various partner organizations and stakeholders (e.g. UNODC, Airline Ambassadors etc).
  • Representatives from global, regional and Panamanian law enforcement agencies
  • Representatives from global, regional and Panamanian NGO’s
  • Representatives from global, regional and Panamanian business and media organizations.

For more details on the conference and to register (should you wish to attend), please visit our website at

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    In November 2016, Crime Stoppers joined forces with the tobacco industry in El Salvador to launch an anti-illicit trade campaign called “Denuncie Hoy”. The campaign involved training of law enforcement personnel, the creation of specialised teams, and consumer awareness via traditional and digital media

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