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Specialised Training or Program Awards

Crime Stoppers International’s Specialised Training and Specialised Program Awards recognise the continued support of, or outstanding service to, a Crime Stoppers program through the provision of specialised training or delivery of a specialised program.

Four sub-categories allow member programs to stipulate the size of the community that their Crime Stoppers program serves.

Specialised Training or Program Award entries will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • explanation of the training or specialised program and how it aids Crime Stoppers’ purpose
  • degree of effort in development and delivery
  • contribution to public awareness
  • originality of idea or concept
  • quality and excellence overall
  • impact on target audience
  • results achieved – evidence of evaluation/measurement to be provided in submission

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Specialised Training and Program Awards Entry Form 2017

Just one entry for each Specialised Training or Specialised Program Award is permitted, and a separate entry form must be completed for each submission.

IMPORTANT: make sure you have all the necessary information, including any supporting documentation/attachments, ready before starting to fill in this Entry Form because it cannot be partially completed, saved and returned to later to finish and submit!

Specialised Training and Program Awards Entry Form 2017


Program name
Coordinator / contact person’s name and title (role)
Coordinator / contact person's phone number
Contact person’s email
Chairperson’s name
Chairperson's phone number
Chairperson's email


Address 1
Adress 2


In submitting this entry form, the contact person and Chairperson are confirming that this entry is original, it relates to activity undertaken during the 2016 calendar year, the material referenced is owned or controlled by the nominating Crime Stoppers program, and it has not previously been entered for any Crime Stoppers International Award.

ENTRY SYNOPISIS - 50 word limit

(for publicity and promotional purposes)

ENTRY DETAILS - 750 word limit

(addressing the specific criteria listed for the relevant Award category and clearly demonstrating the results achieved and impact on the community)


Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 516MB

* Each entry form along with its supporting documentation is to be submitted by no later than 31 August 2017. Please ensure your entry and all supporting documents are named to easily identify your program and the applicable award category (for example, SthAfrica_0-300_Training.ppt). Accepted file formats are .doc .docx .jpg .msg .mp3 .mp4 .pdf .png .ppt .pptx .xls .xlsx

Exceptionally large files should be sent as a compressed/zipped file.

  • Tip leads to major bust in Central America

    In November 2016, Crime Stoppers joined forces with the tobacco industry in El Salvador to launch an anti-illicit trade campaign called “Denuncie Hoy”. The campaign involved training of law enforcement personnel, the creation of specialised teams, and consumer awareness via traditional and digital media

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