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Nick Hodsman

With over ten years’ experience in Strategy consulting and six dedicated to anti-illicit trade, Nick run’s KPMG’s anti-illicit trade practice, helping clients from both the private and public sector to understand and implement strategies to fight illicit trade. These strategies range from helping to understand the technologies available to prevent illicit trade, to helping organisations determine the successes of initiatives to fight illicit trade. Illicit trade measurement has always been a large part of KPMG’s work, particularly in tobacco, where KPMG have measured illicit tobacco consumption in over 50 countries in the last three years.

Nick is running a major project looking at seizures across Europe, building a tool to help law enforcement organisations to better understand how these products are smuggled across Europe. The initial pilot study is in tobacco; however, the project has the potential to look at seizures of multiple products. Nick will be presenting this tool at the CSI conference.


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