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Crime Stoppers founder visits Australia

Since the start of the programme back in 1976, Crime Stoppers has proven to be the most successful tool in fighting crime worldwide.

And founder Greg MacAleese came to Australia to not only discuss the success of the programme, but also its necessity. According to Greg “it’s never too late to solve a crime” and anonymous tips can help with that.

Solving cold cases

2 million major crimes have already been solved by using anonymous tips. And this number is steadily increasing every day, in the 28 countries that now participate. Even more staggering is the amount of recovered stolen properties worth 12 billion US dollars in total so far. But his hope is that the Crime Stoppers programme will help solve more cold cases. Also in Australia. That’s why his motto: if you see something, say something, is still important to this date. Greg: “If people do nothing, that’s how crime exists. Crime exists in a void. And if a community fights back against it, then you can start to reduce crime substantially.”

  • Tip leads to major bust in Central America

    In November 2016, Crime Stoppers joined forces with the tobacco industry in El Salvador to launch an anti-illicit trade campaign called “Denuncie Hoy”. The campaign involved training of law enforcement personnel, the creation of specialised teams, and consumer awareness via traditional and digital media

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