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Neil Giles

Neil has been working with STOP THE TRAFFIK since 2008 and is currently Director of the Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention (CfILP). His knowledge of organised crime and human trafficking is extensive.

CfILP enables the industrial collection of stories of trafficking globally, aggregates and analyses  the data to identify hotspots and trends and therefore risks to defined communities, and the ability to share back targeted responses to build resilience to trafficking.

STOP THE TRAFFIK focuses on prevention of Human Trafficking through focused campaigns in trafficking hotspots, often using social media as the main platform for awareness raising and in close partnership with multi-sector local and global organisations. It is these partnerships working together that STT believes can reduce the scale of trafficking significantly.

Neil led the work with the Thomson Reuters Foundation to inaugurate the European Bankers Alliance Against Trafficking, which has delivered new prevention guidance and advice to Financial institutions to make banking systems more resilient to trafficking money flows. This work is proliferating in other geographic zones.

STT is pioneering new initiatives to enable the Banking and Finance industry to be effective in countering the proceeds of trafficking, including the delivery of an innovative new data sharing hub.

Neil has recently been appointed expert member of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime and has a strong history in Law Enforcement with New Scotland Yard, Regional and National Crime Squads, National Criminal Intelligence Service and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in leading major international programmes to counter organised crime. He has also served UK Law Enforcement Attaché to North America, based at the British Embassy, Washington DC.

In SOCA, as Deputy Director, he led the Human Intelligence Department in collecting information globally on organised crime and has on the ground operational experience in Afghanistan, Colombia and West Africa, including Nigeria. He also served as COO at Child Exploitation and On Line Protection Centre (CEOP).

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