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Michael Jander

Michael Jander was a detective constable with Toronto Police Services for almost 23 years with deep international connections before developing BLACK 314. During his career he worked in many fields including priority response, community policing, marine policing, Tactical Waterborne Operations, Public Safety Diving, communications, Public Safety Unit, intelligence and investigative support.

Now working for Digital Ally Inc., Michael is the Director of Business Development responsible for the company’s growth by developing partnerships with private and public sectors as well as law enforcement programs.

As Director of Intelligence and Technical Operations for the Canadian Tactical Officers Association, Michael works with international police agencies in developing leading technology to assist with tactical deployments of officers in the filed and intelligence best practices.

In 2016 Michael was nominated to sit on the board of directors for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Public Safety Sector. His technical knowledge assists law enforcement agencies in selecting technology to better police their communities.

Michael is a sought after police technology speaker with broad knowledge of the mobile technology, body cameras, open source intelligence, incident management and a subject matter expert in digital video ecosystems for law enforcement.

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