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Our approach is different. You won’t see us in marketing campaigns or talking publicly about our work. The reputation of our team is impeccable. The nature of our work requires discretion and integrity, so you won’t find detailed personal profiles here. If you want to know more about who we are, our pedigree and our references, contact us today.

Our Founder

After choosing to study biotechnology, drawn to the scientific process and precision required in genetic engineering, our founder’s natural curiousity led him to the intelligence field, and for the next twelve years he served as an intelligence officer for the Australian Government.

With deployments around the world that included working with fledgling governments in war-torn countries, he showed a consistent flair for building counter-terrorism capability. After a career that included running investigations into a wide range of homeland security matters and providing advice to political appointees on intelligence matters, he moved into the private sector.

Since 2014, our founder has provided advisory and consulting services on technology and human-based solutions for the military, law enforcement, intelligence and corporate sectors. After leading the acquisition and merger of two multinational security firms and running the combined business as CEO, he joined an Australian information security firm to take its solutions to international markets.

Now, he leads AlphaSix Consulting, a boutique and highly-specialised solutions business that provides security, intelligence and technological capabilities to clients around the world.

We maintain a strong network of proven professionals to provide the diverse outcomes required by our clients.

Areas of Expertise


The information age has led to unprecedented volumes of data on individuals, groups and events. The challenge for analysts and is investigators to be proactive – it is all too easy to be caught up in the day to day, responding to events as they occur and not predicting what is next. Our expert advice, training and technology can solve this problem, whether you are a corporate, government or private client.

Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security

Terrorism is a multi-faceted, ongoing and constantly evolving threat. It has changed our way of life and challenged governments to find the balance between individual freedoms and collective safety. For almost two decades, our founder has been involved in counter-terrorism investigations and advice, shaping the ability of local, regional and international bodies to protect their citizens and infrastructure. By fusing a proactive, intelligence-led response to terrorism and broader homeland security issues, we can help you remain one step ahead of the challenge.

OSINT and SOCMINT Technology

Open source intelligence (OSINT) and social media intelligence (SOCMINT) are vital for investigators and analysts regardless of whether they are examining national security, terrorism, fraud, other criminal behaviour or attempting to understand who someone really is. Our technology, advice and partnerships assist our clients to actively engage the internet, obtaining information on individuals, groups, events, competitors, potential employees and more. For more than five years, we have provided expert advice to major international sporting teams on the threats posed by social media activity, building the awareness of individuals and clubs and showing how the internet, social media and online spaces can be used for positive outcomes.

Want to know who you are really dealing with in a business transaction or recruitment? Our investigative process can provide a detailed report on their online presence that is quick and discreet.


Our clients around the world rely on being able to access cutting edge technology and solutions, but are often challenged with revealing their own information and capability gaps to the technical market. Our discreet approach allows clients to evaluate technology, procure through us and provide holistic solutions without the need to evaluate, assess and commercially engage vendors. This limitation of commercial exposure provides a vital step in the secure operation of our clients.