CSI Learning brings together courses from our own experts and industry-leading partners around the world. Our courses are self-paced, can be completed online in your own time and are designed to be a cost-effective way to boost your knowledge and credentials.

New courses are being designed and provided by our partners weekly, so if you don’t see what you need, reach out and we will do our best to make it available.

Intelligence and Law Enforcement Courses
Intelligence and Law Enforcement Courses

These modules cover the core skills required for intelligence and law enforcement professionals, or those looking to get into the industry, including open source and social media intelligence (OSINT and SOCMINT), analytical skills, tradecraft tools and techniques and more.

This includes the Certificate of Intelligence Analysis.

Cyber Courses
Cyber Courses

These modules equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence they require in order to protect the digital assets of their organisation and support the efforts of or lead the implementation of a cyber risk framework.

This includes the Certified Cyber Risk Officer Course and the NIST Cyber Security Expert certification.

Illicit Trade Prevention
Illicit Trade Prevention

CSI is committed to working with our worldwide law enforcement partners, multi-national corporations and non-governmental organisations to identity and reduce illicit trade, including building awareness through these free training modules.

Upcoming Content

Extend your knowledge beyond the Certificate of Intelligence Analysis with another three intelligence-relevant Certificates, which together will make a Diploma of Intelligence. Watch this space for updates on when these courses will be released!

What Our Participants Think

  • This course is essential for anyone working in investigations and/or intelligence roles. It is an easy to understand, logical step-through of the core components of intelligence analysis - critical to effective and efficient intelligence and investigations work. As a long-standing intelligence and investigations professional, I know firsthand the importance of building upon the core components provided in this course, and would have confidence in the knowledge and application of this course by budding intelligence/investigations professionals.

    Michael King Government, consulting and corporate intelligence/investigations expert
  • This course provides the fundamental knowledge for intelligence practitioners, and should be required learning for all professionals in this field.

    Professor Rohan Gunaratna
  • The Certificate of Intelligence Analysis sets a new standard for educating both new and experienced intelligence professionals. The content is relevant for all aspiring intelligence officers. It was easy to progress through the content, which has theory supported by real-world examples. Highly recommend completing this Certificate, and looking forward to the Diploma of Intelligence in the future.

    Alasdair Gordon CEO of Ecosse Global and former senior national security advisor
  • The Crime Stoppers International Certificate of Intelligence Analysis is a well-considered, logically structured and engaging introduction to the world of analytical thinking and techniques, assumptions and biases, and decision-making frameworks. In a world where we’re increasingly inundated with information feeds, the ability to think analytically and make concise and considered recommendations is an important tool for any professional, not just the traditional intelligence analysts. This is a highly recommended course for those seeking to broaden their horizons!

    Rob Hartley Former Australian Army and General Manager of Defence and National Security.