Crime Stoppers International, its affiliates and Uber are partnering to protect citizens by educating Uber drivers to recognize suspicious and criminal activity and report anonymously using the Crime Stoppers network.

This partnership empowers Uber drivers to safely and anonymously report information about crime. Drivers serve passengers in diverse settings (daily commute, vacationing, special events, etc.) which gives them an opportunity to listen and observe suspicious and criminal activity.

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About Crime Stoppers International

Crime Stoppers International is an independent non-profit umbrella organization, officially registered in the Netherlands as a foundation. The mission of CSI is to mobilize the world to provide information on crime anonymously.

With affiliated and accredited national and local Crime Stoppers programs in 26 countries we form a global network and provide platforms for communities around the world to report about crime anonymously.

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About Uber

It started as a simple idea – what if you could request a ride from your phone?

But what began as “everyone’s private driver” quickly grew into a global logistics layer, transforming an entire industry in the process.

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Crime Stoppers | Uber
Frequently Asked Questions

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