International crime fighter joins forces with INTERPOL

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Crime Stoppers International (CSI) has joined INTERPOL in support of its
annual cybercrime awareness campaign, running from June 1 – 17, 2022.

CSI will, once again, support INTERPOL in a global cybercrime awareness campaign focussing on the
cyber threats of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, ransomware attacks and sextortion.

According to CSI Chief Executive Officer Shane Britten, “Everyone is equally vulnerable when it
comes to cyber crime. These crimes know no borders, either physical or virtual, they cause serious
harm and pose very real threats to victims worldwide, so Crime Stoppers International will be joining
police in at least 60 INTERPOL member countries to create increased public awareness for key cyber
threats and to promote good cyber hygiene for individual and businesses.”

“From 1 – 17 June 2022, CSI will be encouraging our 800-plus member programs, members of the
public plus the media, to join us in raising awareness about the growing threat of cyber crime by
sharing all social media content with the hashtag #YouMayBeNext”, he said.

“We will also be encouraging members of the public to anonymously report anyone they know or
suspect is involved in any type of cybercrime to Crime Stoppers International via our secure online
reporting platform,”

“Our participation is a clear demonstration of Crime Stoppers International’s ongoing commitment
to being a global partner that promotes the empowerment of individuals to report crime
anonymously, leading to safer and more sustainable societies and, in turn, contributing to the
achievement of several of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals”, Mr Britten

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Media Contact:
Shane Britten, CEO Crime Stoppers International
[email protected]