Crime Stoppers Joins INTERPOL in #BECareful awareness campaign to highlight Business Email Compromise fraud.

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How do criminals trick businesses into parting with sensitive data? How do fraudsters gain access to your company email, impersonate CEO’s and steal millions from businesses across the globe?

Crime Stoppers International is proud to announce that we have been invited to support INTERPOL in a global Business Email Compromise fraud awareness campaign. According to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, Business Email Compromise losses rose to $1.3 billion last year, and fraudsters are continuously reinventing the ways that they attack, with newer, more sophisticated tactics emerging all the time.

Starting today, we will be sending out unique content from our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to make the public aware of the dangers of BEC fraud, the signs to look out for as well as what to do if they are targeted by BEC fraudsters. We will also encourage the public to anonymously report anyone that they suspect is involved in committing BEC fraud.

Using the hashtag #BECareful, we will join police and financial authorities in 60 INTERPOL member countries in creating awareness across social media platforms for maximum impact during the campaign. The campaign was launched during the 7th Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference in The Hague, and will take place over the next 4 weeks, with a new BEC theme covered each week.

The public, businesses, financial institutions and the press are invited to join us as we support INTERPOL in raising awareness about Business Email Compromise by sharing all content with the hashtag #BECareful posted on our social media accounts.

You are also welcome to retweet any content from partner accounts featuring the #BECareful hashtag. Please find our social media account details below:

Twitter –       @CSIWorld
Facebook –  @CSIWorld
LinkedIn –

This is a fantastic opportunity for Crime Stoppers International to reinforce our commitment to our mission statement: “Being a global partner that promotes the empowerment of individuals to report crime anonymously, leading to safer and more sustainable societies.”

We look forward to your support over the next month as we tackle cybercrime, together.