Crime Stoppers International Joins The Hague Humanity Hub

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March 19, 2018, THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – Crime Stoppers International (CSI) has  joined The Hague Humanity Hub during its official grand opening. CSI, a Netherlands-based foundation, aims to leverage participation with other Humanity Hub members to achieve its goal of preventing and solving crime globally. This new collaborative serves as an ideal complement for CSI’s efforts to achieve its mission “to mobilize the world to report information on crime anonymously.”

“CSI recognizes that solving the struggles facing societies begins with the dismantling of organized criminal networks involved in the perpetuation of such activities and the elimination of  corruption,” said Devrol Dupigny, Chief Operations Officer for CSI. “The best way to foster sustainable change in these areas is through collaboration with others committed to bettering our world. The Hague Humanity Hub will cultivate an environment where we can solve complicated and overwhelming challenges though innovation and idea sharing.”

The grand opening comes at an ideal time as CSI is preparing for its annual conference later in 2018. It will host the 39th Annual 2018 Crime Stoppers International Conference October 29 – 31, 2018 at the Hilton The Hague. This is by design as The Hague serves as an international epicenter of collaboration and justice. The theme, Creating Alliances Against Crime, speaks to CSI’s unwavering belief that success comes from aligning its collective goals with government, private industry, the public and law enforcement. Engaging Crime Stoppers’ members with other conference attendees will lead to the development of The Hague Accord—a global, unified partnership in the fight against criminal activity worldwide.

CSI has long served as an integral linchpin in the global fight against crime. Data shows that 70 per cent of the information that Crime Stoppers receive and relay to law enforcement, would not have been provided to law enforcement by any other means. This unique network, on average solves a crime every 14 minutes, somewhere in the world.

About CSI
Crime Stoppers International is an international NGO headquartered in the Netherlands. The organization’s mission is “to mobilize the world to report information on crime anonymously” through a network of national and local Crime Stoppers across 24 countries. Since founded in 1976, information provided through the network has led to more than one million arrests and 1.6 million cases solved. The group maintains a co-operation agreement with INTERPOL and has collaborative agreements with organizations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the CNN Freedom Project (CNN), Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) and the International Police Training Institute (IPTI).

About TheHague Humanity Hub
The Hague Humanity Hub, based at the Fluwelen Burgwal in central The Hague, officially opened its doors on the 2nd of January 2018. The Hague Humanity Hub is a unique platform, where forward-thinking organizations and people are united by their drive to develop innovative solutions to today’s global challenges in peace, justice, and humanitarian action. Besides a professional workplace, the Hub offers access to an open and diverse community for innovation, co-creation, and knowledge exchange. Among its first members are UN OCHA center for humanitarian data, HiiL, Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, HumanityX, and World Resources Institute. Within 3 months of opening, the Hub already has more than 25 member organizations.