Crime Stoppers International and Uber Partnership Announced

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Uber drivers trained, encouraged to anonymously report criminal activity

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – Crime Stoppers International (CSI), their regional and local affiliates today announced a new partnership with Uber, one of the world’s largest ridesharing services, to join forces and raise the awareness of drivers on how to easily report potentially suspicious activity to police. The partnership launches today in North America led by regional affiliates Crime Stoppers USA and the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association.

“Crime Stoppers International is the global authority for anonymous reporting. Our network ensures anyone can securely report a crime without being identified,” said Devrol Dupigny, Chief Operations Officer for CSI. “Uber’s drivers have incredible reach into their communities. They are now empowered to report suspicious behavior anonymously. This is a perfect example of how Crime Stoppers, law enforcement and private industry can foster a lasting, positive impact in communities and keep citizens safe.”

Uber and CSI began the collaboration earlier this year. This partnership empowers Uber drivers to safely and anonymously report information about crime. Drivers serve passengers in diverse settings (daily commute, vacationing, special events, etc.) which gives them an opportunity to listen and observe suspicious and criminal activity. Both organizations worked together to develop tools and guidelines to assist drivers in safely reporting. The goal is to expand the partnership to other CSI regions worldwide.

In a blog posted by Uber today, Mike Sullivan, Head of Global Law Enforcement Operations for the company said, “by partnering with law enforcement and Crime Stoppers chapters across the globe, we hope to empower Uber users to help build safer communities. We know when it comes to safety, our work is never done, and we are committed to doing more.”

Participating Countries and Cities

Caribbean, Bermuda and Latin America Crime Stoppers

Canadian Crime Stoppers Association

Crime Stoppers USA

About CSI

Crime Stoppers International is the global authority on anonymous reporting and is the umbrella organization for approximately 800 certified Crime Stoppers programs operating in 26 different countries across seven geographic regions. Its mission is “to mobilize the world to report information on crime anonymously.” Since its founding in 1976, information provided through the network has led to more than one million arrests and 1.5 million cases solved. The group maintains a co-operation agreement with INTERPOL and has collaborative agreements with organizations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the CNN Freedom Project (CNN), Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) and the International Police Training Institute (IPTI). To learn more about the partnership visit