Crime Stoppers International expands operations to The Hague!

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Crime Stoppers International expands operations to The Hague!

The Hague, 19 June 2018 – Crime stoppers International, the global authority on anonymous reporting and the umbrella body for all accredited and affiliated Crime Stoppers programs around the world, has expanded their operations to The Hague. With their expansion to The Hague, CSI wants to create strategic relationships with like-minded organizations in the city of international peace and justice.

“The Hague possesses a stature of independence and internationalism that are in keeping with the vision and philosophy of Crime Stoppers International. With hundreds of international organizations also having a presence in The Hague, it provides CSI with unique opportunities to create strategic relationships with like-minded organisations”, according to Ruud Smulders, CEO of Crime Stoppers International.

The Crime Stoppers concept was the brainchild of Greg MacAleese, who as a police officer was investigating the murder of a university student in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1976. By doing a re-enactment of the crime, providing a toll-free number, a reward and a guarantee of anonymity, he was able to receive a tip from the public which led to the arrest of two perpetrators and the birth of the Crime Stoppers movement.

The principles by which Crime Stoppers was founded and still maintains and operates by today, are grounded in law enforcement methodologies. Though Crime Stoppers is run by civilians, there are many former law enforcement officials that are part of the movement. Over the past forty years, Crime Stoppers chapters around the world gathered anonymous tips which have helped law enforcement arrest over 1 million criminals, solve close to 2 million cases and seize more that US10billion in narcotics. In fact, statistics reveal that 70% of the information that Crime Stoppers receives from the public, would not have been received by law enforcement. Statistics also reveal that Crime Stoppers helps law enforcement solve a crime every 14minutes somewhere in the world.

In the Netherlands, Crime Stoppers International’s program runs as ‘Meld Misdaad Anoniem’, which collected close to 17.000 anonymous reports on crime last year, in areas such as drugs, assault and armed robbery. According to current figures the work of the Dutch program of CSI in 2017 has resulted in over 1200 arrest.

International networks in The Hague
Crime Stoppers International is focused on expanding its global reach to enable communities in every corner of the world to have access to anonymous reporting capabilities. In this regard, CSI has identified South East Asia, Europe and Africa as priority areas to grow our global footprint in 2018-2019. Through their offices in The Netherlands, CSI wants to be able to readily communicate with other global agencies which operate or have experience in these regions and are based in The Hague.

On their new office in The Hague Humanity Hub, Ruud Smulders mentions: “As we focus on crime areas such as illicit trade, human trafficking, wildlife crime and cybercrime, we intend to maximize the resources and expertise that are resident in The Hague. This would range from engaging with the growing network of innovators in The Hague Humanity Hub, the extensive international network of The Hague Security Delta, to utilizing world class venues such as the World Forum, Hilton and others to host international meetings and conferences.”

Crime Stoppers Internationals 39th annual conference in The Hague
With a theme of “creating alliances against crime” CSI will host its 39th Annual Conference in The Hague. Through the conference, CSI intends to provide Crime Stoppers chapters around the world with information on the latest crime trends and provide tools which will enable to better mobilize communities to take action and report information which they have, anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

The conference will also provide CSI the opportunity to engage and have dialogue with law enforcement agencies, civil society, policymakers and the media on the powerful role that Crime Stoppers has been playing and can play in combating organized crime and its related crimes. The conference will serve as a platform for information-sharing, cooperation building and networking. In keeping with Conference theme “Creating alliances against crime”, a main outcome will be a declaration of support for the Crime Stoppers concept, to be known as “The Hague Accord”.

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