The International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) is a not-for-profit committed to fostering collaboration, networking and knowledge in the cyber space for more than ten years. Their mantra is, ‘It takes a network to defeat a network’.  

In partnership with ICTTFCSI has launched an opportunity to study with Paul C Dwyer – one of the world’s foremost experts in cyber, security, risk and privacy. Successful completion of the course will see attendees awarded the title of Certified Cyber Risk Specialist, as recognised by the International Compliance Association – a great addition to any CV.  

With cybercrime recognised as one of the key issues causing company directors and business managers to lose sleep, this course is intended for those without extensive cyber knowledge. It is aimed at equipping everyone from the boardroom to non-technical executives and managers with an understanding of the cyber risk management needed in our digital, online world.  

CSI Board Member and CEO of Crime Stoppers Western Australia, Dr Vince Hugheshas completed the course and says, “The answer to the cyber challenge is leadership and business leaders need to be informed. Understanding, measuring and managing cyber risk is now an intrinsic part of most people’s roles. Responsibility for cybersecurity no longer sits with just the IT department. 

Participants study at their own pace over 90 days and complete online exams at the end of each module.  

CSI is pleased to be able to offer our network a 10% discount on the course enrolment price, available by clicking here