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Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Arndt Sinn

Prof. Dr. Arndt Sinn is Professor of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, at the University of
Osnabrück (Germany). His research specializations include the work of the organized crime
and transnational crime. He is the Director and founder of the research center ZEIS at the
University of Osnabrück and a member of national and international editor boards
(Germany, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Taiwan). In 2006 he was awarded
for scientific oeuvre the Dr. Herbert-Stolzenberg-Award from the Justus Liebig University
Gießen. He is the initiator of comparative law studies in criminal law with a lot of partners all

over the world and for the EU Commission and he is author and editor of numerous articles
respectively books in criminal law and criminal procedural law.
Prof. Sinn is a member of the European Working Group on Legal Initiatives against
Organized Crime, a research network with members in all of Europe, the US, Brazil, and
Prof. Sinn is advisory member for the EUROPOL SOCTA report and a member of the OECD
task force on charting illicit trade and scientific committee FITS-Forum/INTERPOL. In 2014
he was invited as an visiting professor at the Chuo University Tokyo and in 2015 at the
University Nanjing/China. He is the honored Professor at National University Kaohsiung

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