CSI signs deal with YPB Group

YPB Group signs agreement with Crime Stoppers International (CSI) to fight counterfeit and illict trade globally.

Key points

1. YPB becomes the preferred covert brand protection and security solutions provider for Crime Stoppers International (CSI) for exclusive 3 year term with option to extend

2. Immediate collaboration to integrate YPB’s Brand Reporter technology as foundation for a global reporting tool for CSI

3. Collaboration on a global scale for Brands to adopt YPB technology and be part of the Crime Stoppers Anti Counterfeit initiative and provide solutions for the rapidly growing online shopping issues due to counterfeit

The Board of Anti-counterfeiting technology Company YPB Group Limited (ASX: YPB) (YPB, the Company) is pleased to announce that it has signed a global agreement with Crime Stoppers International (CSI).

Together Crime Stoppers International and YPB Group will target illicit trade and counterfeit products and YPB will be CSI’s preferred partner for provision of covert brand protection and security systems plus data collection and IP reporting systems and solutions for web and mobile applications.

ybpYPB will provide insights and consultation with their Brand Reporter technology in developing a reporting system for illict trade and counterfeit products for citizens worldwide.

Crime Stoppers International is an umbrella organisation that aims to spread the Crime Stoppers program in countries around the world. Crime Stoppers is a program designed to utilise the media and other resources to entice information from the public that can facilitate police investigations. The organisation is in 28 countries and participates in solving a crime every 14 minutes.

The organisation recognises Illicit trade as major problem and in fact see the impact of counterfeit reaching as far as funding terrorism throughout the world. It is proposed that due to YPB’s collaboration with CSI under this agreement, brands, manufacturers & citizens can be empowered in impacting the counterfeit trade whether it is online or physical by use of YPB’s core technology and CSI’s global reach.

Peter Price OAM, Vice President of Crime Stoppers International said: “A clear link has been established between the trafficking of illicit goods and transnational organized crime with criminal organizations attracted by the lucrative profits involved in trading counterfeit or fake goods, or in trading legitimate goods through illicit channels. Substandard Pharmaceutical and food products are often manufactured and/or trafficked by organized criminals with complete disregard for the health and safety of the consumer.

Mr. Price went on to add: “CSI’s partnership with YPB will focus on combating illicit trade, globally.”

This partnership is likely to create significant exporsure of YPB and Brand Reporter solutions through media globally and access to new customer opportunities.

YPB Executive Chairman and CEO Mr John Houston said:

“YPB is both proud and delighted to work with Crime Stoppers International and sees this partnership as strong support from this highly respected and motivated global organisation.

CSI shares YPB’s vision and comittment to provide solutions and this opens up new opportunities for Brand Reporter and YPB’s mobile reporting technology.

With more trade being conducted online this rapidly growing area will become more susceptable to counterfeit and CSI gives us access and voice to reduce the impact of online counterfeit globally”.