Tip-Off Service coming to Namibia

Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tip-Off Service to be launched in Namibia.

The announcement was made after a delegation from the South African Police Service (SAPS), headed by Divisional Commissioner Detective Service, Lieutenant-General Vinesh Moonoo, and Head of Crime Line, Yusuf Abramjee visited Windhoek to share South Africa’s Crime Stop and Crime Line models.

During the three day visit, extensive discussions were held between the two countries and mutual co-operation on transnational and cross-border crimes were the focus.

Namibia will become the second African country to launch a Crime Stoppers Programme – and the announcement comes days after Crime Line and the SAPS hosted the 35th annual Crime Stoppers International (CSI) conference in Cape Town.

The Namibian tip-off service will be launched early next year.

Last week, National Police Commissioner, General Riah Phiyega was appointed chairperson of the Southern African Regional Co-operation Organisation (SARPCCO).

She said South Africa’s successful model of anonymous tip-offs had to be extended to the continent. She cited the successful partnership between the police and its partners as a model that needed to be embraced across all SARPCCO countries.

During the visit to Namibia, the SA delegation also met with Police Inspector-General, Sebastian Ndeitunga. He thanked South Africa for sharing their expertise. He said the launch of a Crime Stoppers Programme in Namibia was “important and would contribute to a safer Namibia and continent.”

Lt. General Moonoo said South Africa shared its technical expertise and experiences with their Namibian counterparts and we will also assist with training and the launch next year.

The SA team also visited the proposed building that will house the Call-Centre and SMS Centre.

“Crime knows no borders. We all have to work together and fight cross-border and transnational organised crime,” he said.

Lt. General Moonoo said the launch of an anonymous tip-off service in Namibia “will be historic and it will also assist in strengthening the fight against crime in neighbouring countries through the sharing of real-time information,” he added.

General Moonoo said the NPF “would soon have 4.4-million eyes and ears once the Programme is launched.”

Head of Crime Line SA and Crime Stoppers International (CSI) director, Yusuf Abramjee, said the partnership between the “police, public and media is critical.”

Abramjee said meetings were also being held with media houses in Namibia to bring them on board as partners for Namibian Crime Stoppers.

“It is our moral and civic duty to blow the whistle on crime. The NPF and the media are very excited about the launch of an anonymous whistle-blowing mechanism,” Abramjee added.

Abramjee, who was recently appointed together with four fellow South Africans as ambassadors for the global Interpol “Turn Back Crime” campaign, indicated that the model will be extended to other African countries.

Inspector-General Ndeitunga said he also wanted the “Turn Back Crime” campaign to be launched to the Republic of Namibia.

NAMPOL national spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner, Edwin Kanguatjivi, said: “We are looking forward to the launch and we believe the launch of a Crime Stoppers Programme will go a long way in reducing crime in Namibia and neighbouring countries.

“There is no doubt that the success of partnerships contribute to a safer world. We need win-win partnerships. Crime Stoppers will further assist us in strengthening the relationships we have with our partners especially the community,” said Commissioner Kanguatjivi.

He added: “We share common borders and we share common problems. That’s why we must all work together. The SA model of Crime Stop and Crime Line will be tailor-made for Namibia.”

Photo Caption:
BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON CRIME: Inspector-General of the NPF, Sebastian Ndeitunga; Head of Crime Line South Africa, Yusuf Abramjee and Lt. General Vinesh Moonoo in Windhoek, Namibia.

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