Crime Stoppers launched in Moldova

The Internal Protection and Anticorruption Service (SPIA) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Republic of Moldova recently signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Association “Status-SUPORT” on the start of the Crime Stoppers Moldova Program.

Mr. Stefan Pavlov, the SPIA’s Colonel of Police, and Mr. Victor Luca, Director of “Status-SUPORT” signed the agreement during a meeting at the headquarters of the MIA of Moldova.

The agreement is a positive step in the promotion of effective cooperation between government institutions and civil society in the formulation and implementation of joint plans action in preventing and fighting corruption and one which will assist the MIA in prevention, mitigation and combating the scourge of corruption, and restoration of trust.

One of the goals of the Crime Stoppers Moldova Program is to develop a secure system that will provide for SPIA of MIA the information about acts of corruption – anonymous and secure. SPIA will receive anonymous information about corruption, related acts of corruption and acts of corrupt behaviour involving employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova – which will be offered through the Call Center 24/24 of Crime Stoppers Moldova Program.

At the signing of the agreement, Victor Luca stated that “the acceptance of the SPIA of the MIA to collaborate with his organization and start the Crime Stoppers Moldova Program was highly appreciated”. The head SPIA of MIA, Colonel Stefan Pavlov thanked Mr. Luca for his initiative and encouraged him to initiate other similar projects in the future.

The event took place in the context of the “MIA of the Republic of Moldova Against Corruption”, which aims to prevent and combat corruption and promote a spirit of integrity among administrative authorities and institutions.